“Top Notch has provided us with great service in tough cleaning conditions.  They are thorough, efficient, and consistent with the cleaning they provide us.  They have taken the burden of worrying about cleaning off our mind.”  

– Regional Manufacturing Client

The Process

One of the biggest fears a facility manager will face is switching vendors, especially when those vendors are integral or intimately involved with the company. The impact of a bad janitorial contractor is easily seen by all; therefore, many are hesitant to switch from a sub-par vendor for fear of an even worse situation. The fear of the unknown makes many settle for less than the best.

At Top Notch, we are here to put your fears to rest and offer a better and more secure way forward. We understand your hesitation and have developed a plan to make switching vendors as seamless as possible.

Step 1 – Consult With The Customer
The first step to a successful change is understanding customer expectations. Before Top Notch can build a truly successful program, we must thoroughly understand your desires and where your current program is falling short.

Step 2 – Develop A Sound Program And An Informed Labor Budget
Step two combines our understand of your expectations along with accurate building information to build a program that suites your specific needs. 60%+ of the cost of any janitorial contract is labor; therefore, adequate time must be invested to ensure a proper labor budget. When the labor estimate is right, the project is moving toward success.

Step 3 – Develop A Transition Plan With Contingencies
Step three is where the fear of switching is overcome. Unknowns cause fear, and this fear is eliminated with a specific plan. What happens if my current contractor bails once I give them notice? How will you learn the building AND keep service levels high? How will you train new people to clean my building? How can you ensure that your quality will be higher? Our implementation plan will cover theses questions and more.

Step 4 – Implement With An “All Hands On Deck” Mentality
Any plan is only as good as your ability to implement it. This is what step four is all about. At Top Notch, we have an “all hands on deck” mentality. Our professional, hard-working management team is dedicated to making every account a success. Top Notch is large enough to handle nearly any account, but small enough to ensure the personal dedication to getting the job done right.