“The folks at Top Notch provide a great service.  They have been cleaning our office for years and have always been very responsive to our needs.  Whenever we have had any questions or concerns, they have always responded promptly and in a caring manner.  Reliable, responsible and conscientious – they know how a professional office is supposed to look.  They are really good people that do a great job.”

–Commercial Office Client

Our Approach: Delivering Peace Of Mind

The Desired Outcome: Customer Peace of Mind
Our customers want one primary thing from Top Notch. More than a clean facility, they want peace of mind. Clients desire the satisfaction of knowing a trusted partner is managing the facility as their own. They don’t want to wonder or worry if the work is getting done, the quality is being monitored, or the safety concerns are being addressed. Our customers want complete peace of mind.

The Service Goal: Consistent, Reliable Service
At Top Notch, we are convinced that customer peace of mind is achieved through consistent, reliable service. Any company can do a good job for a short period of time. Any company can “offer” janitorial service. But few janitorial contractors can provide long-term consistent, reliable service like Top Notch – a service that has produced a 95%+ customer retention rate.

The Method: A Comprehensive Quality Control & Customer Relationship Program
Consistent, reliable service is only achieved through great effort and intentionality. With 25+ years of experience, Top Notch Service Group has developed a sure method for delivering the peace of mind you expect. The following operational differentiators ensure the consistent, reliable service we promise.

  • Thorough and accurate job budgeting and labor estimation.
  • Hiring and training systems that produce an employee turnover rate 1/10 of the industry average.
  • Higher than average pay and benefits to ensure employee satisfaction and productivity.
  • Monthly quality inspections performed by management.
  • Routine relationship meetings to ensure program success.
  • Technology and management systems designed to ensure service delivery.
  • Involved owners who care about EVERY relationship.